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Scott & Pam Gibson

Jason has been our real estate broker for over a year. He was patient with us for that entire time as we first navigated the housing market and then transitioned back to the condo market – both in Fort Lauderdale. He successfully assisted us in purchasing a new condo and also negotiated the sale of our previous residence – all within a 3-month period. Jason was truly a ‘warrior’ in this entire process.

Jason displayed significant strengths as our broker – both in the buying and the selling of the aforementioned properties. First and foremost, Jason was driven by his innate qualities of competency, honesty, integrity, responsiveness and transparency. Jason has high energy and we could feel his passion to help us be successful. Jason is a good listener. Never was he in “sell” mode. He didn’t just tell us what we wanted to hear – he provided direct and candid communication and a willingness to hustle and follow-through on our basic requirements. He was attentive to our needs at all times because of his ability to listen. He asks us questions rather than pitching his resume which was very refreshing! Jason was pleasantly persistent – he cared about our long-term relationship. He has a strong moral compass coupled with high ethical standards – and the ability to be completely honest. Jason’s transparency was a key factor in retaining him for both our buying and selling experience. He had the unique ability to not only be loyal to us as his clients but also to maintain objectivity and transparency towards the other parties in the entire transaction process. This resulted in a win-win for all parties involved! We appreciated his tech-savvy mindset. He offered modern solutions with access to data and automation tools. Probably one of Jason’s greatest strengths was his ability to communicate in a clear and transparent way. This trait was essential in building rapport with my wife and I as his clients. He treated us as if we were his only clients. We always felt prioritized! Jason understood us as clients and this enabled him to provide well-thought-through and meaningful solutions to the various obstacles that we encountered in both the buying and selling process. Another strong asset that Jason displayed was his demonstration of trustworthiness. This showed through many times as he always conducted himself in a professional manner and put us (the client) first. Hand-in-hand with his professionalism, Jason has excellent interpersonal skills, puts forth strong negotiation strategies and always displayed composure in some pretty tough encounters with other agents during our buy and sell process.

The bottom-line is that Jason’s responsiveness was the key to success for our two transactions. No matter how busy he was, he always made time for us as his clients. He orchestrated the hurdles of the real estate process with his compassion and his strong organizational skills. He made us feel like the most important people in the world instead of just working the deal and moving on! Jason’s down-to-earth and positive demeanor coupled with his high energy made us trust him implicitly throughout the process! Our working relationship with Jason was a true partnership.